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Residence House Aramis Down Town in Milan

Residence House Aramis Down TownIf you are in Milan and you want to find a family hotel not far from the city center and among the Navigli channels, you should definitely book a residence to the House Aramis Down Town.

Even if the place is located very close to the Navigli area, the hotel is calm and you can sleep in quiet. Plus, if you need anything from the staff, just ask. All the people there are at your disposal and their … Read the rest

The Carlton Baglioni Hotel

The Carlton Baglioni Hotel is definitely the best one to choose if you are planning to go to Milan for both a vacation or a meeting. Why? Simply because it is considered “luxury with an Italian touch”, due to its elegant and sophisticated architectural details and the intangible sense of “feeling like home”. That’s because the staff only wants the best for the guests, who have to enjoy every single moment in the city, including the time … Read the rest