The Art Hotel Boston in Turin

The Art Hotel Boston is a very innovative museum in the centre of Turin, located in the residential area called “La Crocetta”, near the Modern Art Museum (in Italian GAM), the Merz Foundation and the OGR, a major exhibition area that previously was the Railway Repair Yards.

The museum is located in a historic building where comfort and art are mixed together in order to give you a total relaxing staying.

The building, which was made in 1911, has been recently refurbished in order to equip it with collections of art pieces such as books and rare musical vinyl LP’s.

Walking from the reception to the bedrooms, through the bar and the garden, guests feel like to be in a house and not into a hotel, because of the hospitality the great staff offers to them.

There are 87 rooms which are all big and equipped with  air conditioning, pay TV, satellite TV, Wi-Fi, full mini-bar. Each room has a different design and you can choose between the ones dedicated to Pablo Picasso, Andy Warhol, Yves Klein, Giulio Paolini, Antonio Trotta and Nicola Bolla. You can choose the artist you are interested in and book for that particular room. Furnitures and decor are specific for the painter you choose.

In order to render your staying more interesting and to give you some art notion s, in the room there is an i-Pod that narrates the biography of the artist by various voices recorded on musical backgrounds.

very innovative project that puts together art, culture, hospitality, in order to offer to tourists and businessmen a new place where to spend their staying.

If you want to have further information,visit the webiste

Art Hotel Boston
via Massena 70
10128 Torino (TO)
Telephone: (+39) 011 500.359