Nun Relais Hotel in Assisi

If you are going to Assisi, book at the Nun Relais Hotel and enjoy your staying there!

Located not too far way from the center, the hotel is quiet, private and very discreet, also thanks to the staff who is amazing. The city is very walkable from the hotel, and the main shopping streets are 15 minutes away by walk. Could you ask anything more?

Moreover, the roof terrace offers an extensive 360° views over the city and surrounding countryside: for example, you can see the castle tower rising up the hill or the tower of the duomo of San Rufino.

The hotel is also particularly suited to art lovers, having a very good library of books on art and architecture. So you read a book while you are resting in your room or while enjoying your free time in the hall or at the restaurant, which is not only tranquil but also a tasteful retreat.

The rooms come from the medieval St. Catherine convent (1275), as well as the suites, which are lovely. They have a sitting room, spacious and well-equipped shower room, a stone staircase leading up to your own private roof terrace, and a superb bedroom with a small window which gives you a beautiful view across the city.

The decor is really tasteful, with predominantly natural stone, white walls, and neutral colours which make the place very restful.

There is also a pretty garden with loungers spread amongst olive trees, shrubs and flower beds, and an exquisitely laid out courtyard with dwarf hedges of herbs, planted in parallel side by side. A very unique place especially during spring and summer.

The staff are very pleasant and helpful, attentive without being effusive: you will definitely get one of the best services in town.

Nun Relais Hotel

Via Eremo delle Carceri 1
Assisi (Perugia)
Telephone (+39) 075 815 5150