Borgo Lucignanello, in the heart of Tuscany

Borgo Lucignanello

If you are planning a trip in Tuscany, and you want to find a very special and nice place where to stay, we suggest you the tiny Tuscan village of Lucignano d’Asso.

Dating back the Roman empire, it became the place it is now thanks to the influential Piccolomini family, who renowed during the 15th century.

The Borgo Lucignanello was built during this time and during the 18th century it became a farmhouse with a very big garden and private swimming pool.

The restoration is not a single structure, but it inclused five houses which are called Casa (“house” in English) Amadeo, Casa Remo, Casa Clementina, Casa Severino and Casa Maria.

The rooms are  very artistics: the walls are decorated with exquisite trompe-l’oeil motifs, hand-painted ceramics, printed cottons, hessian, and jacquard. The wardrobe, such as the other pieces of furniture are very rare, since they date back to the 18th century. There is also a open fireplace very suggestive, to give the room a touch of ancient. The view from the windows gives you the cance to enjoy a wonderful view over the village, the courtyard of the church, which is a place to visit, and the Tuscan countryside. In the nearby, guests can relax and sunbathing in the large swimming pool.

Borgo Lucignanello is the right place where you can enjoy the real Italian life without staying in the crowd of big cities. The countryside is also another aspect you have to consider in our country. Choosing this place where to sleep, you will also have the chance to join the tasting tours, where you will be able to visit the property’s extra virgin olive oil, the wines and cooking classes held by a local chef.
Borgo Lucignanello
Località Lucignano d’Asso
53020 San Giovanni d’Asso (Siena)
Tel. +39 0577 803068